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Sewing Workroom




We sew clothes for employees. We mark clothing using tags and other methods according to your needs.

We manufacture for renown fashion brands, firms, corporations as well as individual clients. Customers who have trusted us, paid particular attention to the quality of our products. With conviction, they come back to us with further orders, because we realize them quickly and reliably.

Sixty employees work in our sewing factory near Warsaw, operating several technologically advanced production lines, cutting rooms, and design and production departments.

We have new machines such as quilting machines with upper and lower feed, chain twin needling, overlocks, hemstitch, bartack, button sewing, pneumatic riveting machines, ironing tables with steam generators and a cutting room.

We follow stringent quality control at each stage of production to provide our customers with exclusively Premium products. It is the top quality Premium clothing that gave us a competitive edge.

We produce branded company clothing, according to own production program, selection of suppliers as well as the appropriate cutting and sewing. We use older technology of finishing stitches, sewing and trimming. The clothes we manufacture are made of high quality Polish knitwears. They undergo an extended, complex manufacturing process refining and strengthening the knit and consolidating colors. The knitwear does not shrink after washing, and the clothes do no lose their shape nor color for many years! We design a new collection each year, supplying clothing and textiles used in various applications.

Our clients receive packed products without the need to leave their home or office. For your convenience, we deliver ordered products to any address you provide.

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