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We have combined typical production of packaging with offset printing. We produce packaging from single layer boards. After consultation with the client, we start the designing process in our graphic studio. We then die cut, fold and glue the cartons in our bindery press room.

First, electronic core cutters are produced in the graphics department, where we also develop the shape and appearance of the boxes in line with customer guidelines.

In order to significantly reduce the cost of production of packaging, we have developed a method to shorten the production line by eliminating one of the implementation stages. We have adapted the machines for production of corrugated board and laminating, and have combined them together. Producing corrugated cardboard, we simultaneously glue the printed carton with client graphics. Thus, we produce cardboard packaging with B, C, Flute sized or E Flute corrugated cardboard, gray and white.

We produce boxes to individual order of varying sizes, having a decorative graphic design, protected with UV varnish or UV film on the whole sheet or selectively. We produce elegant packaging using advanced and complex production techniques requiring a lot of experience. We refine them, inter alia, by stamping, UV coating and laminates. We produce glossy, matte, texture and many other types of boxes, for example, hairy or with gumming.

Our packages are widely used in industry. In addition to offset printing, we are able to carry overprint on them using flexo printing or screen printing.

We offer the following types of packaging:

  • elegant,
  • festive,
  • color,
  • large bulk,
  • with single, double or triple color overprint,
  • confectionery,
  • pizza,
  • alcohol,
  • boards,
  • advertising stands.

We offer high quality products while simultaneously maintaining attractive prices. Each order is treated individually.

Package design studio

We produce customized packaging, which constitutes an essential element enhancing our customers’ brand recognition. This is why we create them in a way so that they were fully identified with yout brand. They become as unique as your product.

At the design studio, we prepare a package with the product that is to be packed in mind. We create them from scratch: we start from the electronic core cutter design and visualization of the package, which is the box’s graphic design. At this stage, we also determine the bending and cutting lines. It is only after completion of these steps that we release the prototype to production.

While designing the packaging, we also take into account its application, required strength, transport method as well as storage of the finished box. We use electronic core cutters designed in our studio or received from you. Only then do we begin work.

Upon your request, we will send a sample of the cardboards proposed for production. If you are interested in our offer, in changing your packaging supplier to our company will not incur any initial costs. We guarantee competitive prices and free calculations. Our customers can always count on our help in identifying agreeable solutions.


Types of packaging

Download FEFCO catalogue

Types of cardboards

Since there are many types of sheet boards, we classify them according to the number of layers:


Double layer corrugated cardboard

It consists of an external paper and a corrugated layer. Corrugate board is used as protection and to cushion and protect furniture, glass, fixtures, doors, etc. It is also used as protection of articles during transport, as an insert in packaging, for surface protection during renovation, and as packaging filler.


3-layer corrugated cardboard

It has two layers of flat cardboard and one layer of corrugated cardboard. It is designed primarily for production of packaging, small boxes and as pallet spacers. Weights: 420g/m2 – 500g/m.


5-layer corrugated cardboard

It is used in packaging, inserts, corners. It is characterized by high strength. The cardboard consists of three layers of flat cardboards and two layers of corrugated cardboards. Five-layer corrugated cardboards are usually a combination of B+C, sometimes of E+B, C+E.


7-layer corrugated cardboard

It is characterized by heightened strength as three layers of corrugated cardboards and four flat layers of cardboards are used for its production. It is used in production of heavy and bulky packaging of great durability.