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Types of cardboards

Since there are many types of sheet boards, we classify them according to the number of layers:


Double layer corrugated cardboard

It consists of an external paper and a corrugated layer. Corrugate board is used as protection and to cushion and protect furniture, glass, fixtures, doors, etc. It is also used as protection of articles during transport, as an insert in packaging, for surface protection during renovation, and as packaging filler.


3-layer corrugated cardboard

It has two layers of flat cardboard and one layer of corrugated cardboard. It is designed primarily for production of packaging, small boxes and as pallet spacers. Weights: 420g/m2 – 500g/m.


5-layer corrugated cardboard

It is used in packaging, inserts, corners. It is characterized by high strength. The cardboard consists of three layers of flat cardboards and two layers of corrugated cardboards. Five-layer corrugated cardboards are usually a combination of B+C, sometimes of E+B, C+E.


7-layer corrugated cardboard

It is characterized by heightened strength as three layers of corrugated cardboards and four flat layers of cardboards are used for its production. It is used in production of heavy and bulky packaging of great durability.