Package design studio - WaveGroup producent odzieży reklamowej Warszawa

Package design studio

We produce customized packaging, which constitutes an essential element enhancing our customers’ brand recognition. This is why we create them in a way so that they were fully identified with yout brand. They become as unique as your product.

At the design studio, we prepare a package with the product that is to be packed in mind. We create them from scratch: we start from the electronic core cutter design and visualization of the package, which is the box’s graphic design. At this stage, we also determine the bending and cutting lines. It is only after completion of these steps that we release the prototype to production.

While designing the packaging, we also take into account its application, required strength, transport method as well as storage of the finished box. We use electronic core cutters designed in our studio or received from you. Only then do we begin work.

Upon your request, we will send a sample of the cardboards proposed for production. If you are interested in our offer, in changing your packaging supplier to our company will not incur any initial costs. We guarantee competitive prices and free calculations. Our customers can always count on our help in identifying agreeable solutions.