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powerbirds season 2

Clawdette’s Mischevious Monkey/Take Back the Fort - Clawdette lets a toy monster monkey loose in order to terrorize the whole town./Scrapper teams up with Minerva and Asher Stasher in order to take over Max’s tree fort. The Powerbirds have a Bigger Passageway so Petunia and Dante can get in. The Origin Story Parts 1 and 2 (Season 2 Finale) - Polly and Ace tell Baron, Dante, and Armani a story of how they got adopted by Max, became superheroes, and stopped Minerva from putting herself on all the school textbooks.

Season 1 See also Clawdette Ghosts Away/Cruise Ship Invasion - Clawdette disguises as a ghost after feeling unappriciated by Max, scaring the nocturnal residents of the city./All the Villains nab the cruise ship from the docks that Max is looking forward to go on. 1. Gigi (voiced by ) - A teenage Fox who is friends with Minerva and Clawdette. The Cat Who Cried Wolf/Arf-tastic Tales of Nibbles (July 24, 2020 (ITunes) - Clawdette sets a lot of pranks on the Powerbirds./Nibbles replaces all the Mister Undefeatabpe Comics with comic books all about him. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Clawdette Chaos/Cat Food Caper - Clawdette breaks up the kite festival by scaring everyone away with a giant ball of yarn./The Powerbirds have no choice but to team up with Clawdette when Scrapper takes all her cat food.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Watch the series premiere of Powerbirds on Sunday, January 19, at 10AM! Devan Mack as Golden Eagle, Dad, Grandpa Felix, and Mr. Morgan. Asher Stasher steals everyone's trophies, so the Powerbirds must depend on one another to stop him. The voice actor credits are fixed and are different every episode. Dino Digs: Out Foxed Parts 1 and 2 (Season Finale), Dino Digs: Invention of Superdinos/Soap Insanity, Powerspies: Clawdette’s Crocodiles/Be the Animal: Old Friends & New Friends, Bye Bye Beverly Parts 1 and 2 (Series Finale). The characters from the show also appear in the national stage show tour UniKids Preschool Live! Dog-oween/Clash With Clawdette (July 31, 2020 (ITunes) - Nibbles takes everyone’s Halloween costumes and replaces them with dog noses, turning Halloween into Dog-oween./Clawdette takes Max’s toy robot and turns his house into hers. Polly and Ace go on a ruin with the pizza delivery lady to make sure Scrapper doesn't get the pizzas after seeing his plan. Nibbles steals the finish line for the big race so nobody can win. With Karen Fukuhara, Sydney Mikayla, Dee Bradley Baker, Deon Cole. When airing the Season 3 episodes with the Evil Foxes (and starting season 2 with the Clawdette episodes), they warned kids that cats and foxes aren’t evil and that it is a bad stereotype.

She believes that Minerva is better then them and deserves to be the hero. The series premiered on January 19, 2020 on Universal Kids. 3. New Bird on the Block/Times Square Trouble - Ace is jealous when A New Bird named Baron joins the group, but they need him to stop Nibbles from taking all the plushies./The Powerbirds and Asher’s Cousin, Armani, must stop Asher Stasher himself from taking all the I❤️NY Merch. After the events of “The Secret is Revealed” (Season 1 Episode 25B), Max know is aware of the Powerbirds’ powers and trusts them to protect the world.

Max's favorite comic book has been thrown into the cement before he has the chance to read it, now Polly and Ace must face a challenge: Ask Minerva, who is also a fan of the comic books, the ending. Asher has a plan to take all the Major Justice action figures, so that only HE will have them./Scrapper is launching mounds of waste into town trying to turn it into his own Wasteville paradise. The voice actor credits are fixed and are different every episode. Samson (voiced by ) - The youngest of the four family members. Power Night (47 Minute Special) - When all the villains make a plan to destroy the world at night time, it's up to the power Squad to save the world and night. Horace (voiced by TBA, Rasmus Hardiker in the UK Dub) - A turtle.

Clawdette teams up with Scrapper after getting tired of being defeated by the Powerbirds.

4. But it wasn’t all High 5s and Handshakes on release. Powerbirds Major Mishap/King Wasteville. This series is produced by HappyAnimation and Brown Bag Films. A girl explores the possibilities in a post-apocalyptic world. But when A Wolf gets her for real, The Powerbirds must race to the rescue before time runs out. It all started when Universal wanted to make plans for a TV show based off one of Breen's kids books to make the next big show to save their network. Powerbirds is an American/Irish children's animated television series created by Stephen P. Breen, and co-created by Jennifer Monier-Williams. Clawdette must learn the importance of Teamwork when She wants to Stop Scrapper from eating all the Christmas cookies and taking all the gifts, but the Powerbirds must stop him too. Day-Night Drama/Ice-olation Cream - Minerva makes it day and night at the same time to confuse everyone./Beverly and Scrapper take the ice cream truck and turn it into a party vehicle. This is the 1st Universal Kids Toon to have a story arc for Season 2. Clawdette teams up with A group of Tiny Aliens so they can take over Max's house. Queen of Smarts/Nibbles the Superdog - Minerva takes over the role of the queen of England./Nibbles pretends to be a super dog so He can finally be loved, but does that by spreading a lie that the powerbirds are evil.

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