porsche 944 engine swap kits
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porsche 944 engine swap kits

Automotive YouTube creators and developers of the Porsche 944 07K swap kit! As long as you weight I first maxing out what it came with. 944 07K Swap Bellhousing & Pilot Bearing Adapter.

Boost Brothers Garage offer a swap kit to install a Volkswagen 2.5 L 07K inline-five into a Porsche 944 or 968. PN: 944-HPH - Our new 944 High Performance Hood uses a Cowl Induction type design in order to reduce under hood operating temps and to also allow for greater under hood clearance. I figure Proprietoristicly Refined 1988 924S 75K + 1987 924S 145K. Porsche had nothing to do with Amrrican muscle. Toyota MR2 with a 1046 whp Turbo 3S/5S Inline-Four Goes 8.31 sec, Supra Mk3 with a 700+ hp Twin-Turbo 2.7 L Radical V8, Mitsubishi Pajero Evo with a Supercharged LTx V8 Update. I'm looking for a place where I can buy kit for my 944 to put ls1 in it.

Can't find it anywhere on the internet ... LS1 swap kit? I wonder if you could use this kit to swap that 5 cylinder into a 924. Regards Not sure what parts you need, give us call and lets talk about your project. Can you please give me an idea of price and what upgrades and parts i will need please

Source: nineXengineering and Boost Brothers Garage via Piotr. Yeah. As for body kits, they typically feature side skirts, aerodynamic bumpers, grille, hood, and fenders. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Put a Porsche engine it. I have looked around at hybrid sites.

And the fact that you did it successfully is awesome. The kit doesn’t include the oil pan and intake which are still being developed. How much was the LS swap?

But I was just think out loud. I'll have to learnmore about it.

The company also offers a bellhousing adapter for $770, SPEC clutch for $575, and SPEC flywheel for $400 that allows the inline-five to connect to the Porsche torque tube. Other than a timing belt and water pump never really had anything go wrong. And the fact that you did it successfully is awesome. I think that my car won't look exactly like a Porsche when I'm done with it so why not. It also allows the factory hood to clear the engine. With near perfect 50/50 weight distribution, due to the engine in the front and transaxle in the rear, these cars were very fast and nimble for their time as well as today.

Porsche had nothing to do with Amrrican muscle. What if you modded a 5.0 928 block with parts from anywhere. These kits are designed to get the LS engine into your 944.

We offer the

At least then it's not a Corvette in Porache clothing. Maybe like the built in I intercooler one on the Z01? Unlock your vehicle's true potential. Maybe I'll have to look into that down the road. 944 07K Swap - Spec Clutch Jees you got defensive quick. Categories Porsche 944 - LS Swapped, Porsche 944 LS Swap Adaptor Plate, Porsche 944 LS Swap Bell Housing, Porsche 944 LS Swap Torque Tube Leave a comment C-5 Trans in 944 … Authorized distributor of Link engine management products and manufacturer of Porsche 944 engine swap kits. Learn how your comment data is processed. It fits the 924S, but not the 924. At least you recognize that you don't really drive a Porsche. HOW TO CONVERT THE PORSCHE 924 / 944 TO V8 POWER Driving an 80's Porsche model 944 or 924 can be one of the liveliest and entertaining experiences anyone can have. Welcome to Texas Performance Concepts, the home for all your Porsche 944 V8 LSx engine swaps parts.

Supercharger, what ever. Price - $679.95 Note: … Let us provide you with first-rate Porsche 944 body kits and ground effects kits along with individual bumpers, side skirts, bumper lips, valances, fender flares, and other top-quality parts … Your email address will not be published. Regular price $770.00. Yeah ? At least it's the heart of a vette. I recommend contacting Boost Brothers Garage to answer your questions about their kit. Like that one guy said about someone isn't a Cayanne engine. Thanks I'll check it out too. That's all. Then why are you buying a Porsche. Like I said I think it's cool that you stuffed that LS in there. I had a 968 before I paid $20 for this thing. We carry a full line of conversion parts and kits to help you build the 944 V8 dream car you … Richard. 1990 944 S2 cab - 5.7l *Update* LE2 Heads, 11.0:1, Cstm Intake, .565 223 230 cam 418rwhp 423rwtq. How did Porsche design an LS1 chevy engine that originally found itself in a vette.

Reply #1 - Dec 8 th, 2009 at 12:42am ... Then why are you buying a Porsche. Yeah yeah. The kit allows for the crossmember, power steering rack, and vacuum brake booster to remain in their factory location. 1.8T Engine Conversion For Porsche 924 / 944 A SMART CHOICE: The 5 valve Turbo engine has proven it's reliability in a wide range of racing applications including DTM, Touring Series & Rally. I know. As you can tell I'm not opposed to moding to a different motor.

I won't ask about turboing my na 944. Required fields are marked *. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

I figure then just buy a vette. Hello friend I am wondering about when will this kid be available for the 968 I am very interested in purchasing this kit, Hi Fellas, i have a na 87 Porsche 944 manual stock as a rock so it makes sense that i am chasing more power. That's my thought. The standard 924 uses a different crossmember and suspension setup. There are still other parts required for the conversion. What about dropping a 5.0 L 928 motor in it. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. I stand corrected. The kit doesn’t include the oil pan and intake which are still being developed. I had read that before. At least you are starting with the heart of a Porsche. The difference is Spreadshirt has more color options and sells to countries outside the US while Amazon will allow for free shipping and only US. Don't get me wrong I'm all for mods. How did Porsche design an LS1 chevy engine that originally found itself in a vette. That is why some people appear smart, until you hear them speak. I know there are after market ones out there. How does it suound.? e mail&&ian@944online.com&&phone&&toll free in the USA 1 866 944 7883&&outside the USA&&1 954 968 3766&&FAX -1 954 968 3798. In short, the fan boys can keep screaming keep it Porsche and you are welcome to keep yours strictly Porsche, however 1) Dont complain about how expensive parts are 2) Dont complain that the timing belt is expensive and has to be done regularly 3) dont complain that you can't buy X from a local car parts store 4) dont complain that sinking $2000 in parts on a n/a 944 motor only nets you 30-40hp 5) dont complain that making 400hp out of a turbo motor requires a $20000 investment to run reliably 6) most importantly, dont complain when my Chevy Porsche hybrids leaves you in the dust. Boost Brothers Garage offer a swap kit to install a Volkswagen 2.5 L 07K inline-five into a Porsche 944 or 968. And have you though of an SC for it. Just stay Porsche. Don't get me wrong I'm all for mods. And I'm just saying. Your email address will not be published. It's still not a Porsche. Avid Follower Put a Porsche engine …

&&Light travels faster than sound. The basic swap kit costs $1,250 and includes engine mounts, valve cover, oil filter block, power steering pump mount, and 1.8T power steering pulley. We offer shirts on Spreadshirt and Amazon. We have a great selection of engine swap and fabrication components! Doing it was hard. The basic swap kit costs $1,250 and includes engine mounts, valve cover, oil filter block, power steering pump mount, and 1.8T power steering pulley.

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