mikazuki augus age
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mikazuki augus age

On Earth Mikazuki was in some base where they fixed Gundams, and that Galihorn member Catra came and had a fight with Mikazuki and his friends ,even know they killed most of Carta Galihorn members who where in Gundams, Carts killed one of Mikazuki close friends Biscuit (;-;). What his feelings towards love: He doesn't shy away from the possible of love. Why he control Barbatos: It because that the one of the original 19 Gundams that went to war 300s years ago and that the gundam he drives or control. When Biscuit died Mikazuki told Orga that who ever stand in Tekkadan way he would kill them . Species: Human(human technology advance that people can live ). This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Mikazuki is subtly, yet visibly disturbed by this. Why he control Barbatos: It because that the one of the original 19 Gundams that went to war 300s years ago and that the gundam he drives or control. During on Mars he had his first Gundam battle with Captain Crank and they had a duel to see who can win, Mikazuki killed Crank making him a red target for Galihorn.

Omega Galaxy Saga Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. On the way to Earth Mikazuki Augus used Barbatos to fight off Galihorn Gundams that tried to kill the tiny cargo ship that had Kudelia in it and his friends. So that proves that anyone can die, even know his death haunts me (;-----;)He was still a great person to watch and see.

What his feelings towards love: He doesn't shy away from the possible of love. Name: Mikazuki Augus Age: 26 Sex: Male affiliation: Starfleet (Tekkadan Fleet) Rank: Captain Ship: USS Barbatos NCC-1908 Loves: Atra (Wife/Dead) Akatsuki (Son/Dead) Friends: Orga itsuka, Hush Middy, Kudelia Bernstein and Admiral Jennifer Harding. Other then that he quite. Mikazuki Augus was a badass and the main character, my favorite anime character and gundam pilot. Info. Injury: Left arm is PARALYZED and he can't see well in his left eye unless you goes inside Barbatos, Last Appearance : (season 2 - episode 50), Story: In the year 323 PE or PD, Mikazuki Augus was a boy who worked for Tekkadan . He has an easygoing personality and is devoted to his comrades, despite appearing emotionless and blunt most of the time. Iron blooded orphans rating: 8.6 out of 10. Personality: Cold as f*ck to his enemies, and nice with his team members, he like give me a gun and your dead, or like you piss me off your dead. Making biscuit finally rest in peace (;-;) During the election Mikazuki found with a gundam that was almost twice the size of him so Mikazuki had to go to the next level. Character: Mikazuki Augus. Along the way to Earth he met many friends and Galihorn members that he killed along the way which a certain Galihorn member named Catra can and ticked Mikazuki off. Mikazuki is very determined to destroy anyone who gets in the way of Tekkadan's, or more so Orga's objectives.

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