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marcus stroud wife

She then left to make sure the registration team was ready to start signing in the Stranded. Gavriel was not pleased, but told her that he would do his best. [100], Later that day, Anya waited in the crew bay of KR-239 with the rest of Delta for Col.Hoffman to contact them. Both Marcus and Dominic Santiago, having developed a friendship with her, comforted Anya during the awards ceremony, and blocked the press from getting to her. Michaelson agreed, and felt that it was an admission of failure on his part.

[22] Kim later contacted her and asked if any word had come from Alpha. Anya gave Delta information on the path they would have to take up the mountain to reach the entrance. She said that Marcus had reported that the Locust Queen Myrrah had mentioned his father, and Anya wanted to know how the Queen had known her name. Anya reassured him they would adapt as they went, and could still use the Ravens to defend the settlements.

Michaelson wished they had another island to hide on, but Anya reasoned the Lambent would find them there too.

Once they killed the Berserker, Anya patched them through to Hoffman to receive new orders. Born Marcus LaVar Stroud on the 25th June 1978, in Thomasville, Georgia USA, Marcus is a retired American Football defensive tackle, who spent 10 seasons in the NFL, playing for the Jacksonville Jaguars, Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots before retiring. Anya felt that there had to be a better solution, but was unable to think of one.

Anya decided to have the King Ravens set down on a cliff outside of the settlement, and approach the inhabitants. Vehicles Anya told him that Marcus and Bernie were on a tour of the farms, and about Bernie's rape as they walked around Pelruan.

[30] They later contacted Anya, and told her that their vehicle had broken down just outside of the facility.

[57] When comms were cut off, Anya was unable to contact any of the Gears. Anya tried to convince her to go inside to look at it, but she snapped at Anya that she wanted to see it now, and that this likely meant nothing to her or any of the other Gears. His net worth was certainly well set.

Anya agreed, and once Mac found another trail of cow dung, they began following him. Michaelson decided to continue the mission, and ordered CPO Frank Muller to keep getting closer to the ships.

Jacques ship was destroyed, and Anya joined the rest of the Gears in heading out to the railing to see what was going on.

However, the convoy came under immediate attack as it arrived outside the House of Sovereigns, though Kim and his squad were able to assist in defeating the Locust. He was also a member of the NFL's Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots.

He informed her that one of the ships, the Levanto, had exploded under unknown circumstances. CanteenCOG ArmorComputerEarpieceField glassesGas maskJACKMap of Vectes By this time, only Anya, Hoffman, and Prescott were left in the CIC, and they watched over her shoulder as she locked onto the Brumak and detonated it.[87]. Anya watched the decryption of A2897 and took part in the discussion that followed.[139].

After they finished moving the bodies to the side of the road, they returned to Pelruan in the APC. After arriving at Embry Square aboard KR-239, Anya waited aboard the Raven while Hoffman greeted Delta-One as they arrived on KR Eight-Zero.

She ended up becoming a capable field officer, leading the Gears defending Pelruan and joining Delta Squad after the COG collapsed, though she deferred to Marcus' command rather than taking over as the ranking member.

[50] She then contacted Hoffman and informed him of the encounter, and that Delta was now heading to assist Echo Squad, who had been ambushed by Locust at Sovereigns Boulevard. Bernie let her into the Armadillo Delta was taking, and Baird handed her a Mk 2 Lancer Assault Rifle, and asked if she knew how to use it.

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