borderlands 2 krieg build
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borderlands 2 krieg build

© Valve Corporation. Build #3 – Click the link to open the skill tree.

Sometimes players would rather opt for an old fashion run-and gun scheme. I just created a Psycho and I am wondering what your idea of ye best build is.

All rights reserved. < go back | Home | reset | Permalink to this build. Each successful kill instantly restores all of his health. The arms race will be a 20-25 minute section. also i did notice you said you could use love thumper if you dont have the dlc, do you use rough rider because it makes krieg more tanky? I do not plan to go down the right category, by the way. has halted regime changes, curbed demonic invasions, and averted at least one cosmic omnicide; all from the confines of his gaming chair. The new vault hunter is now available in the game and many would be wondering what skill tree to go for. im using your build for a strictly melee playthrough (ive made a couple of changes), with my experience of melee zero im thinking a love thumper would work well with this instead of the rough rider because it will give you roid damage and if you just use the stormfront to strip your shield you can have it down for more than 3 minutes (which is more than enough time to kill a group of enemies). Build #1 – Click the link to open the skill tree. This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines. If you fancy burning your enemies by dousing your own self in flames then the Hellborn tree is just for you. Rough Rider also gives you permanent bonuses as apposed to the temporary bonuses of when your shields are down. i see, first ill run with love thumper because im used to stripping my own shield and i dont play co-op so i want to make use of its roid damage.

User blog:DaGamingFailure/Level 72 Krieg Build- Monster of the Inferno, File:Krieg Build Salt Incrusted Terror.png, User blog:Leafless/Krieg Build - A guy named War, User blog:Leafless/Krieg Build - Stylish Garbage Phoenix, File:Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 10.29.56 AM.png, User:Wolfblade744/Krieg Build - Salt Incrusted Terror, While we’ve talked about Krieg’s insane damage with his axe, we do have to consider the possibility that his melee charge won’t be successful everywhere. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. Krieg is basically a melee focused character so why not take it a step further by maxing the Mania tree and increasing his damage to insane levels.

Krieg’s unique skill is Buzz Axe Rampage where he pulls out a mighty axe and goes ‘jack the ripper’ on everyone. He is a melee-focused character with his main skill ‘Buzz Axe Rampage’ pulling out a massive axe. This build essentially means that players must receive damage from enemies, after which they can tear them to bits. Hey any plans on updating this for lv 80? This build focuses on increasing melee damage, reducing the cooldown and buffing the Buzz Axe Rampage skill. By Santalilcamper.

The voice also seeks to control Krieg's lust for mur… Taking damage accelerates Cooldown Recharge. That's a good thought Wip Zed I may have to test that build out myself. Don’t forget to share your own builds with us by commenting below! A guide for creating a Krieg to play on for those who want to constantly be a BA Psycho and doing about 12 million damage a hit! Borderlands2 skill calculator (Vanilla) Krieg Level 5 Psycho. This build focuses only on the Mania tree, since Gearbox has increased the level cap you can experiment with other trees as you please. Build #1 – Click the link to open the skill tree. Borderlands Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Build #2 – Click the link to open the skill tree. Build #4 – Click the link to open the skill tree. This build essentially means that players must receive damage from enemies, after which they can tear them to bits. Additionally note that all builds are with a maximum 50 skill points. View source. It goes without saying that focusing on this skill alone can be really helpful. Until then please use .txt notation and/or table(s). If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact, This item is incompatible with Borderlands 2. Please see the. With the remaining points being into Fuel the Fire, Numbed Nerves, Fire Fiend and Delusional Damage. I opted to skip Embrace the Pain and to only to only spec one point into Bloodbath and Blood Overdrive. This is my first guide so tips would be appreciated! Please note that builds are not articles a must therefore be. It is only visible to you. Krieg Builds. History Talk (0) Category page for Krieg Character Builds.

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