black powder substitute for flintlock
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black powder substitute for flintlock

Having said that, the use of substitutes did little to help the little 31 caliber Colt. The 36, which is actually around .375 of an inch, has a more militaristic tradition.

I use a one ounce measuring cup similar to those used to measure a dose of liquid medicine. It is a little-known fact that Colt's 1847 Walker and 1848 Dragoon 44 caliber revolvers were the most powerful handguns issued by the United States military. Triple Se7en is actually my preferred propellent for my CVA Wolf and CVA Optima Northwest muzzleloaders and it’s worked very well for me during the years I’ve been hunting with them. The type of primer you use on a muzzleloader depends on the specific model. Until some testing is performed I can only suggest that you get a good ballistic chronograph and try to sort it out to your own satisfaction. This article was published in the July 2010 edition of Buckmasters GunHunter Magazine. Even if you must use a mallet to start that load into the muzzle. That will cause the powder to settle and inconstancy in the amount of powder the measure will hold. You must also follow the order I have given you for testing these variables. You want to seat the ball firmly, without crushing the powder kernels.

You will notice that the fabric compress to a much thinner measurement now. I have heard of them working, but that is a rare thing. You may as well accept that you are going to have to contact one of the suppliers of black powder, fill out the required paperwork, and pay the hazardous materials shipping fees to get it shipped to your residence.

36 caliber guns were extremely popular being a far step up from the little 31 caliber guns but guns chambered for the 36 tended to be lighter and easier to carry on the belt than the larger 44 caliber guns of the time. Information concerning load development for centerfire rifle ammunition is widely published and available. This process is often referred to as “developing a load” or “working up a load”. Perfecting your off-hand shooting skills greatly increases your effective range in the field. The easy ignition of real blackpowder makes it less of a hassle for hunting, especially in the traditional muzzleloaders many hunters still use. One piece steel range rod with muzzle guide and patch jag.

Review your bench rest shooting technique. Hotter round ball loads and conicals give the 36 the muzzle energy in the neighborhood of the modern 380 Auto, but the heavier bullet used by the 36 can produce more damage, giving it better capability on larger varmints. Another modern myth is that 3,000 fps is required to kill a deer.

Good enough for small game and pest control despite the small sights that come on these little pocket guns. How close are you to Friendship. If your goal is strictly match target shooting you can select a tight loading combination of patch thickness and ball size. What I have observed is the change in velocities that occur due to the settling of smaller kernels and particles of powder to the bottom of the container. One myth is that real blackpowder is hard to ignite. Set your adjustable measure for an amount in grains equal to the caliber of your rifle.

Blackpowder is just about essential when shooting a flintlock. It doesn’t take a powerful load to punch a hole in a paper target and many rifles will shoot outstanding groups with very light loads. However, I would never see this difference in my shooting of targets off hand with traditional weight rifles. That can of powder now consist of the largest kernels sitting at the top of the can, the finest dust at the bottom of the can and layers in between which would screen to be sizes from 4-F to as large as 2-F. As for cleaning, yes, in a lever-action rifle, blackpowder can be a bit of a pain, but it’s easily washed out using warm soapy water. Do not tap or shake the measure. You’re absolutely correct about cleaning and corrosion. The final variable that affects the accuracy of your load and the size of your group is the patch lubricant. Black powder measures more consistently by volume.

), Three different caliber starters with muzzle guides. On the other hand, you will not see shooters at organized competitions loading their rifles in this fashion. Lay it out to dry and mark it 6-1. The 10 grains will go off instantly and save you 60 gr a shot of the hard to find black (or order on line and save a step?). The 44 came to being as a result of Sam Colt's attempts to get military contracts for his revolver design. The same goes for #11 caps.

Substitutes – This has created two camps of followers who debate what powder is best or if the powder they have available to.

While this post covers choosing the right muzzleloader propellant, that’s only part of the equation when hunting with a muzzleloader. If you’re just getting started on learning how to hunt with a muzzleloader, the staggering number of propellants choices can be overwhelming. In my percussion rifle they work just fine as far as ignition goes.

I have been asked about the difference in accuracy between cast balls and swaged balls. All that being said, this is some outstanding powder and is a great choice for those that hunt with inline muzzleloaders.

How in the world did you get a 220 conical compressed over 40g of Pyrodex? This water-soluble oil method is absolutely the best, most consistently accurate patch lube method in use today. It was shot with weight sorted balls, pillow ticking patching and moose milk lube. John, Hello, I just purchased a new TVM flintlock .50 cal. Several factors determine the best thickness of material needed for your rifle to shoot its best groups.

Shooters who do not want to get into casting round balls for various reasons will find greater variation in the size and weight of the swaged balls they purchase. This commission comes at no extra cost to you. We can’t control these but we can be aware of them and how they affect our groups. After you have discovered the best load for your rifle, I recommend adjusting the sights to put the center of your groups on the bull’s eye by shooting from the bench rest. This boring was first introduced with Colt's Paterson but was revived in the 1851 Navy. At least save your receipt so you can get the same fabric that shot best from your rifle when your return to buy more. The reason is to keep the bore in the same condition for each and every shot. For this reason, the government imposes strict regulations on the transportation and storage of black powder. These nipples use a #10 Remington or a #11 CCI cap. Even so, the heaviest loadings across all projectiles and powders put the 44 into light 357 Magnum territory. Pyrodex Select is a newer variant of Pryodex designed for more consistent performance. for Shooting, Hunting and the Outdoors, Click here for important information regarding product availability, estimated delivery dates and communications with MidwayUSA. Set your target at 25 yards and fire a shot or two to see if you are hitting on paper. I noticed that you live in Indiana. However, this is a drastic measure that may salvage a badly neglected barrel but should only be done as a last resort. Blackhorn 209 produces some of the highest velocities out of all available black powder substitutes. This is why blackpowder isn’t normally weighed when loaded in cartridge cases. The reason most of us don’t use real blackpowder these days is that it’s relatively easy to ignite, making it more hazardous to transport and store.

It’s available as loose powder (both in FFg and FFFg granulations) or in 30 grain, 50 grain, and 60 grain pellets for easy loading. After I learned to cast my own ball I find fewer inconsistencies in them and those that happen to be too light simply go back into the melting pot. As muzzleloading guns fell out of use in favor of breech loading cartridge rifles what was once common knowledge was simply lost to the passage of time. This target was shot off-hand with my 45 caliber percussion dueling pistol to win the pistol match at a rendezvous. See more from Terril on youtube under Mark3smle. One can make better black powder than what is available on the market, simply by leaving out the sulfur. Pryodex is also available in 50 grain pellets for faster loading. Like all black powder substitutes, it is much easier to find commercially than true black powder. Some of the things modern hunters assume about real blackpowder simply aren’t true. When the load becomes that tight and you have to pound the ball out of shape to seat it your groups will begin to open up again. A patch that is slicker than others because it has more lubricant on it is not going to have the same amount of friction going out of the barrel. Through observation, conversation, and competition with these gentlemen, I was finally able to sort out all the different ballistic variables involved with loading these rifles and a reliable method to isolate and control each one. Cut off the patching with your knife or scissors. I decided to kick the gel test and meat shoot down the road some more and settled on pure numbers given to me via my Caldwell Chronograph.

Accuracy was good enough to take deer out to 100 yards with either bullet, as was the muzzle velocity of 1,500 fps. I typically purchase percussion caps by lots of one thousand.

In this manner we are able to control precisely the amount of oil applied to our patching. Email Me Normally each group will become tighter and smaller as you increased the powder charge. For some time I kept my understanding of this approach largely to myself sharing knowledge of it verbally within a circle of fellow shooters who confirmed my results are sound. The home brew powder is that it doesn’t have the consistent grain size of the commercial powders. JavaScript is disabled.

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