been waiting a long time for this solo paladin
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been waiting a long time for this solo paladin

The stacks don’t have to be on the ghouls to count. Kills a ghoul then doesn’t jump.

Horde side Azgalor. Once he has 30+ stacks, this is an indication that Necrotic Plague has jumped targets the appropriate number of times for the achievement. Pull the Lich King. Wowhead; WoWD Been Waiting a Long Time for This: can be soloed as a hunter (please refer to achiv comments) but i dont have any idea about other classes. Healing is okay if you're worried about Infest. This helps you know and track when it is on you (and if it expires), as well as being able to see it jump from ghoul to ghoul. Boss < 70% health - adds die off and no more are spawned. Set Elemental to passive, kite LK till 30 creeps are spawned.

If you skip past it by combining stacks, you do not qualify for the achievement. (Count them manually.)

I attempted to do the achievement today and it bugs out every time.

They all seem to.

Movie Summary. Hold hands with your friend, skip around, kill any ghouls that spawn, and avoid circles of black flingy death. That one was designed with at least 10 people in mind, after all. This topic has been locked SlowHand. After that stay in the crowd of ghouls and let the. Keep a mental count of how many ghouls are up; by the time you get to around 30 it will be impossible to count them! paladin solo been waiting a long time; Browse our posts that related to : wow been waiting a long time for this 25 solo paladin - been waiting a long time for this solo paladin - wow been waiting a long time for this solo paladin - Bellow.

save hide report. Been waiting a Long Time for This (Achievement) Is it enough to get the thing that stacks on the Lich King to 30 stacks or does one instance of Necrotic Plague have to get to 30 stacks. Patch 3.3.0 (2009-12-08): Added. I've been trying the army method, but that's the only strat I've seen. Originally posted by. These achievements are account wide, you can do them on any character and it will count for every single one. My name at the time was “Harmonics”. 15 sec later i get plague again and same thing. My strategy for doing it: grab the boss, adds, and start kiting. This post is focused on the achievement, not on the entire fight. At no time heal your voidwalker! Langzeitlieferantenerklärung länderliste 2019.

You need a friend. I'am having trouble trying to do the Lich King achievement Been Waiting a Long Time For This.

The Wowhead Client is a little application we use to keep our database up to date, and to provide you with some nifty extra functionality on the website!

Been Waiting a Long Time for This: can be soloed as a hunter (please refer to achiv comments) but i dont have any idea about other classes. Login char A and clear up until The Lich King. 71% Upvoted. Start the fight. Other players should stand away from this group. Lich King Achieve Sign in to follow this . Wait until 20+ adds are spawned. Please Blizzard, Do something! Stand on the 3rd or 4th step after talking to Fordring with your back to the throne and stairs. In the Lich King Raid Achievements category. This is the char you want the achievement on. Once frost mourn is broken just stand there and wait for 30 stacks. Start the encounter, give the lich king a little love tap right away (no need to wait for ghouls to spawn).

With DBM you can watch the necrotic plague. The Lich King casts Necrotic Plague quite early, so you can hopefully reach the next step before any char gets flung off and dies, When you see that you have Necrotic Plague, quickly nuke the Lich King down and wipe out all adds, so that he will start the final roleplay where you can freely stack up the debuff without any interruptions (Shadow Traps or Ghouls), The hardest part is over now as you have no risk of being flung off. Erdkunde 5 klasse ökologische landwirtschaft. Been Waiting a Long Time for This (25 player) with Pally Hi, is there any way to do this achievement with paladin?

Confirmed, been trying to get the stacks for the last couple hours.

Wait and let the Plague jump around in the pack until it builds up to 30 stacks. Achievement Hunter's Guide to: Been Waiting a Long Time for This (10 player) I found the posts here sort of confusing, so I tried to break it down into a simple, non class-specific guide.

Always up to date.

Same here on 10-man. I've tried summoning during the third ghoul pack all the way up to 7 packs. Can it be soloed by a ret paladin ilvl 632, and how exactly does it work?

Same here, get like 30 mobs, drop my trinket terracotta warrior, plague goes from me to a ghoul and the ghoul dies. Been Waiting a Long Time for This (25 player) is a dungeon & raids achievement earned for defeating the Lich King on 25-player mode after allowing Necrotic Plague to stack to 30. Ta-da!

Solo Been waiting a long time for this. Cause I got the Lich King to 30 stacks and killed him, but didn't get the achievement. So, what are you waiting for?

LK now casts Necrotic Plague on you, dismiss Elemental.

Put in a ticket for this as well, just same old response of working as indented, very hard achievement, will look into it. He'll go on his 1:30+ roleplay rant and then you can get that final killing blow. Wowhead has a blue comment about the bug, but there’s no ETA on when it will be resolved. All the unit frames can get a little overwhelming if you don't. You and your partner want to be the only ones that the debuff can spread to. Look at LK's buffs, once it reaches 30 stacks, clear adds then nuke him to 10%. If you have DBM, type /dbm in your chat, expand the Lich King, Icecrown Citadel, and The Frozen Throne, and click on the Lich King. Tried issuing a ticket but the response I got was essentially “google it” even after explaining it doesn’t work. You will aggro all adds onto you.

But I also still need this achievement for Glory of the Icecrown Raider, and I read up about Necrotic Plague on WoWhead, but all of it is a bit confusing. The same problem, the plague does not work correctly, it is impossible to make an achievement. Please keep the following in mind when posting a comment: Your comment must be in English or it will be removed.

Immediately stand back to prevent the plague from jumping back to you or to start a new chain of necrotic plague from yourself. You'll continue stacking while it does. Keeping up with the kardashians season 15 episode 15. ion, then let it aggro LK. This is still happening. Allow Necrotic Plague to stack to 30 before defeating the Lich King in 25-player mode. When the plagues has jumped 30 times (use Raidachiever addon or check, Bring a helper mob. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, World of Warcraft Arena World Championship, Been Waiting a Long Time for This (25 player). Been Waiting a Long Time for This (25 player) Allow Necrotic Plague to stack to 30 before defeating the Lich King in 25-player mode.

External links. This has been with an entire horde of ghouls surrounding me and even went as far as to hit LK’s enrage, I know it is not an issue of not having another target to jump to.

It jumps to the first Ghoul and stops. You can also use it to keep track of your completed quests, recipes, mounts, companion pets, and titles! Screenshots containing UI elements are generally declined on sight, the same goes for screenshots from the modelviewer or character selection screen. It’s disappointing. I'am a BM Hunter and my friend is a Fire Mage, we have no trouble staying up for this but we keep failing with counting the stacks in either 10 or 25 man. (This will prevent you from flying over the edge to your death from the shadow traps. This bug is still active. Keep his health above 70%. Originally posted by Atlas: anyone know where i can file a complaint about paladins poor service? Apr 2, 2017 @ 12:54am when i queue comp with my friend, the wait time is faster yeah I tried this.. and it took shorter time than solo.

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