ascension symptoms march 2020
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ascension symptoms march 2020

Tag: March 2020 Ascension Symptoms. We have moved into the highest level, the highest reality of light in December. If some of the thing’s that your used to doing, or used to seeing, is not functioning in the way that it used to. Everything, that you do is brand new. Ascension Symptoms aemedia-March 4, 2020. Ascension is planet-wide and is happening to all of us. Ascension Symptoms For 2020 Ascension is a lifting of personal vibration to a higher, more refined level, so what are all these symptoms we are going through in order to get there? Because of this we’re about to become valuable to those unaware humans who’ve suddenly found themselves coming apart due to the evolutionary Ascension Process.

Yesterday February 5, 2020 I lost half an article while writing it and I’m still having WordPress difficulties today but pushing ahead nonetheless. Life feels lighter. 11 Common Traits, Tell-Tale Signs You're A Spiritual Healer, Kundalini Awakening - What You Should Know, Spiritual Grounding: 7 Ways To Ground Into Earth, 13 Psychic Protection Tips To Block Negativity, Archangel Michael's Powerful Meditation on Love, Incarnated Elementals - Elves, Fairies, Pixies & Merpeople. March 2020 Energies: Dealing With Energetic Pandemonium. In old pre-ascension astrology, Capricorn and its ruler Saturn and mineral Lead, ruled physical reality and structures, such as the entire human skeletal system, teeth and knees. That just happened on January 12, 2020 via the Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. were a very dense frequency, much like Lead. We were needed to first Lighten the load.

Enter your email address to follow HighHeartLife & receive notifications of new articles by email. Today, is the first real day of spring for the Northern Hemisphere of earth and a lot of us know this as the Equinox. I certainly have been and strongly since November 2019. No more Shit Detail, now it’s what do you want to Consciously Create and how much more fun, interesting and creative is that!? Give your body and consciousness some time to acclimate to this shift event from Phase 1 into Phase 2 with its matching NEW Diamond energies and all else. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Would they embrace the newly ascended earth, the earth that we have been building and working so hard to make. Not a-lot of people even care. March 2020 Equinox Energies: A Whole Different Kind Of Equinox For This Year. Today, is the first real day of spring for the Northern Hemisphere of earth and a lot of us know this as the Equinox. March 2020 Energies: Energetic Pandemonium. The terms I come up with, the processes that I discuss. The energy levels within the collective is raw, it is real, and it is very much a back and forth, fight or flight energy. Everyone all around you.

In-fact it all feels down right surreal. You will become increasingly enthused and refreshed once again and filled with great freedom and empowerment from a job very well done in Phase 1. I feel you, I know how you feel and why you feel that way. March 2020 Ascension Energies Update This month’s theme: Spiritual Insight. I’m not saying that I’m being ignorant. We too have entered Phase 2 this month but we’re doing so at much higher levels than what the unaware human population is.

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