500 word essay on the importance of being on time in the army
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500 word essay on the importance of being on time in the army

When negative emotions like fear, anger, envy and jealousy overtake them, they lose reason and act in haste leading to serious consequences. Retrieved from https://studymoose.com/importance-on-being-on-time-essay, Type: We provide you with original essay samples, perfect formatting and styling. As the top health administrator at the proposed Well Care Hospital in Happy Town.

Punctuality shows you are responsible, honest and can follow directions.

Since the Ramayana was first only an oral story, it continually went through progressive changes, with its first written incarnation taking place around 500 B.C. Now, if you have a soldier that does not show up to help complete that goal, that soldier has not only placed more work on his/her unit members, but has effectively let his or her unit down.

It is not for you to question why, what’s important, but to have trust in our superiors. It has been said that while an individual may exert power without being a leader, an individual cannot be a leader without having power (Bal, Campbell, Steed, & Meddings, 2008).

Being on time enables us to be able to trust and rely on each other in life and death situations. Nowadays, television has become a major part of our lives. In fact, even restaurants, grocery shop, clinics and also mamak stores have televisions as a way to attract customers. Want us to write one just for you?

This can also affect your life outside of work by causing trouble at home. You never know if it’s going to be an ordinary training day, or if something happens that will require immediate response.

It is always important to be where you are supposed to be.

This can cause the mission for the day to be slowed down dramatically.

This can cause a multitude of problems that may affect the overall completion of a mission. Essay, Major General Sterling Price's biography Essay, Fading Interest Of The Youth In Joining The Indian Army Essay, The Role Of Discipline In The Military Essay. Soldiers’ need the fuel in order better perform at their duty stations through-out the day.

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However, if someone is late, it will make the rest of the soldiers wait on you, just so …

should cell phones be used as a tool in education. It is all about accountability.

First, the patient always expects a successful and accurate diagnosis of his problem, while the practitioner has the task of identifying the cause of discomfort. This paper will be used as a reminder of why we all need to be punctual. Being on time may have a greater importance and effect, than we may know. We have to show discipline, responsibility, show care through following army rules and regulations. 4.9

Being on time shows reliability.

If you can’t perform the simple task of arriving on time, like a formation or keeping an appointment, then it shows that you have no responsibility.

According To The Constitution

When you are late to anything, whether it is a formation or appointment, it goes against nearly all of these values that are instilled in all soldiers.

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