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Premium clothing sewing room
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We are a manufacturer of light clothing, sportswear and outdoor clothing. We also label any materials and surfaces. We have been steadily growing since 1995, over this time undergoing many a changes. We have built a group and invested in a printing house as well as expanded the clothing sewing factory. We have our own machines, which is why at present we realize most of the work in-house in both plants. Owing to this, like a dexterous tailor, we cut the chain of intermediaries and shorten the production time.

We operate from Warsaw but realize projects throughout Poland, Europe and Asia. Bearing in mind the needs of our Customers, we take untypical orders. For us, the slogan „the customer is king” is not an empty phrase.

Our mission

  • To provide products and services of the highest quality. We have managed to gain a competitive edge when it comes to sewing of Premium clothing.
  • To provide our customers with professional care. At every step, we advise on creation and implementation of projects.
  • To strive to optimize the cost of projects, shorten production and supply time. This is why we realize production exclusively within the GROUP.

Our strengths

  • Our experience combined with client approach ensure that not only do we know how to provide desired flow of information, but also how to come up with efficient task management and high efficiency. We simply do all these.
  • We provide an internally multi-step process, from design all the way to implementation. We are fully self-sufficient.
  • We shorten the chain of intermediaries, since all the necessary works are carried out in-home, thanks to the large assembly of machinery in our factories. We cooperate with manufacturers only.


In our sewing factory we sew premium class clothing (including HiTech). We sell clothing and catalogue textiles. We label materials on any surfaces using many available labeling techniques.

We offset print everything in-house – from design all the way to the finished, framed and packed product.

We produce cardboard and paperboard packaging as additional production in the offset and bindery departments.

Our services are mainly directed to large companies and corporations. You can check our offer by hovering the mouse or by clicking the icon below. We hope that you find our site easy to navigate. If, however, you have any questions, please contact us.



    To learn more about us – please write or call, and find out for yourself what else we can do for you! You can also directly submit your request for information concerning corporate clothing and other items in our range of products. We will be happy to travel to your company for presentation, if your company is located in Warsaw or its periphery.